Discover Your Victory Family

One of our greatest needs as human beings is the need to belong. Whether you are new to church, new to Victory, or have been attending here for a while, we want you to find your place, a place you belong, where you can find support, be built up and encouraged as you grow in your faith, and be loved.

Connect 101 is designed to help you get to know Victory Church, our process, our staff, our story. your Victory famIly.
  • Connect with others and start intentionally building your community.
  • Connect with your purpose, why you are here and why you matter.
  • Connect with our church, learn our story, our process, and the amazing events that led us to where we are today.
Salvation and Identity in Christ
Salvation, Security, Identity
Holy Ordinances, Baptism, Communion, Marriage, Child Dedication
Bible Overview, History, and Inspiration, Authorship, Origin, Reliability, and More
Scripture Interpretation
Good Practices, Principles and Methods of Study